Making the most of Capshot

Capshot Custom Camera

Capshot’s custom-built camera module is where all the fun begins! Users can capture media either as an image, video or a GIF. They can even use our proprietary meme mode in order to access an unlimited collection of pre-built memes as well as use famous meme backgrounds as templates for their own creations! They can also upload images or video from their phone gallery, upload GIFs through Giphy or click a selfie by changing the camera orientation.

Creating, remixing and replying to a post!

Create - Open the Capshot Custom Camera and use any of our four capture modes - Meme Mode, Image Mode, Video Mode or GIF mode. Edit - Use our unique and tailor made editing tools to create your masterpiece. Editing tools include draw tool, meme templates, layouts, subtitles, speech bubbles, text and custom stickers. Remix - Remixing is the heart and soul of Capshot. All media on Capshot can be remixed using the remix button. Users can either build on existing media or get the raw image so that they can create their own version. Reply - Users can reply to content posted by other users through images, videos and GIFs!

Capshot Conversations

The conversation module is the direct messaging section for Capshot. The core features include one-on-one messaging, group messaging, remixing and replying to capshots, text messaging and Meme-ify! Meme-ify - Curated Meme Top-bottom text templates. Just click meme-ify and apply the text templates onto any image, video and GIF!

How to configure settings that suit you?

Profile - Edit your Name, username, birthday, gender, email or phone number. Add/Edit your bio and profile picture to tell other users a little more about yourself Privacy - Switch between a private, protected and public account. Private account - only your followers can view and respond to your capshots. Protected account - anyone can view but only followers can respond. Public account - anyone can view or respond to your capshots. Password - Change your password by entering your current password followed by your new one or access the forgot your password section. Notifications - Turn notifications on or off. Suggestion Box - Use the suggestion box to procvide feedback or report a complaint.

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