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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Capshot went live in the vortex of Covid-19. So our London correspondent managed to lock down Capshot's founders Mikhail Bhuta (MB) and Pravan Parikh (PP) on the pandemic phenomenon that is Zoom to answer some pressing questions about social media's next player. And this is what went down:

Correspondent: Tell us a little bit about Capshot and where the idea came from.

MB: Alright so, Capshot as you see it today - the idea has evolved immensely over time, the core concept actually stemmed from my time in college when I was a part of a fraternity. We had iMessage groups and WhatsApp groups going, where we would share ridiculous pictures with each other after a party, absolutely embarrassing stuff. Someone or another would grab a picture from the message and make a meme from it and share it - obviously with kids that age, absolute obscenities and hilarity ensued. So that is where the core concept of Capshot came up.

Pravan had similar types of friends in New York where he studied too. And when I told him about this idea he was absolutely excited about it and he immediately jumped into concocting the product, we actually built a prototype version which we actually released, but that version was a private platform based more on a platform communicating just with groups of friends - as we progressed we realized we needed to pivot the idea because our target early adopters, they would be the kind of people that would thrive on putting their mischief and jokes out for the entire world to see, they wouldn’t be interested in a private platform. Therefore, we decided to change it into a public place, where the heart and soul of the app is to mess with each other’s content to evolve it as a community.

PP: So to add to what Mikhail was saying, when he told me about it I thought it was a great idea because pretty much the same with my friends’ Whatsapp groups - what we did and still do is literally take popular memes and we recreate them, we cut out stickers of our own faces and put them on memes, and so that really adds to the fun.

When Mikhail and I sat down, we needed to make it into a proper business proposition and so throughout the journey we’ve constantly pivoted and the Capshot that you see today has evolved - but it has also stayed true to our initial idea which is what we are really proud of.

Tune in next week to learn how Capshot is more than a meme-creating app!

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