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As we learn more about the genesis of Capshot, we seek to know more about the intrinsic nature of this meme app and what makes it so unique. One of the factors that make it so is the remix tool that Capshot offers. Let us find out more...Our London Correspondent sits down with founders Mikhail Bhuta (MB) and Pravan Parikh (PP) to hear it first-hand.

MB: The concept of remixing, there are similar features in other meme apps but there is no app that completely focuses its heart and soul around this concept. Where the entire product is about just remixing and collaborating. And not just remixing what someone else has already edited, but you can get your own fresh copy of their content. And turn it into something of your own.

PP: I think what makes Capshot different is that it differs in concept and it differs in approach but it stays true to the key familiar elements that make social platforms so great. So our platform, unlike others, is based around the concept of a remix. The idea is to use another persons masterpiece to make your own. But I mean, even when you are doing that, the tools that we have provided, are focused completely towards the meme market, towards humour, towards entertainment. We try to provide another set of tools than other platforms allow, and that is what actually allows people to create very unique content on our platform compared to others.

MB: The key is creating content together. Each post is a collection of Capshots that have evolved and been built together by a creator and his or her followers.

PP: We hope are users can start thinking about memes the way we do, by using Capshot.

Correspondent: How does it compare to other apps in the genre?

MB: We extensively studied our competitors in the market and we picked and chose everything that we really liked about the designs and experiences that they provide and we try to keep as appealing to an international, youthful, modern market as possible. So that is where the clean sleep design comes from.

Don't miss next week's blog post where Mikhail and Pravan share the challenges faced when creating a super app!

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