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Meme Machinations

Founders Mikhail Bhuta (MB) and Pravan Parikh (PP) shared their excitement in launching an app, as well as the challenges they faced and what they continue to learn from the process.

PP: So Mikhail and I started this company, the two of us sitting in an office all by ourselves.  The first few months were challenging, we were wondering how to put together a team, how to  make it a viable business proposition.  So those were obviously moments filled with anxiety.  But I think any entrepreneurial journey really is like that. 

These are exciting moments, today we are actually looking for more space for our office, we have this app and a couple of other products, our games and our team is constantly evolving.  For me, I think that is the most exciting part - being surrounded by like-minded individuals, who want to do the same stuff, a good office atmosphere and we are building something that we really enjoy.

We play around with Capshot the most. In our office, we have made it very clear, that we are building a communication tool, and so you guys reading this - you need to use Capshot to communicate! Building a team is always exciting for me, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I like the business side of things. Those things have really excited me - and seeing this product come to life.

Capshot has grown into something far beyond what I expected it to grow into - it is now a public collaboration platform for humour and entertainment and pretty much anything you want to do. And to have an idea actually see that light - I think that is beautiful.

Correspondent: Do you think you have changed professionally and personally with the app?

MB: Absolutely, yes. Even thinking back from what we used to be, even like a year ago, even 6 months ago to what we are now. The last few months when we’ve pushed the app out, our work ethic, the way we think about things. Like what Pravan said earlier, we used to just think about 'how can we fit more features in', 'how do we perfect it?' We have learned to figure out what is important and get that out.

Every step that we take has to have, as Pravan would put it, an incremental benefit of value to the company as whole. If it is not that valuable right now, put it aside, put it in the backlog.That has been one of the biggest lessons that we have learned. Even just growing with our team, obviously Capshot is not just a two-man job. We have an entire team of engineers, working day and night to bring this out - super thankful to them. We are so lucky enough to find people as dedicated to this product as we are, even in this environment of working from home during lockdown. Everyone is just constantly at it. And we have never had to push them too hard, they are all inherently motivated - it’s been a beautiful journey.

PP: Personally for me, it has been an experience that has made me more decisive, I feel that I am also more open to making mistakes as long as you react to them. I feel that when you enter such a journey you are bound to have a lot of preconceived notions, I think we all come with a certain baggage of how products should be or how things should be done.

MB: I would say like Pravan likes to say, for me I finally now understand what every entrepreneur before us has meant when they say make mistakes but make them quickly.

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