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Launching an App is like Herding Llamas

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Our London correspondent nosed around the subject of challenges that founders Mikhail (MB) & Pravan (PP) face ahead of launch.

PP: So we had challenges throughout the journey, every stage was a challenge, somehow we have stayed strong and tried to overcome it.

The obvious challenge we face is getting our product infront of the right audience, from the get-go.  Throughout the journey of Capshot we have run regular user testing experiments. 

We have tried to make sure that our app is tailored to the right market, because we believe in building  for the end user.  That is always a challenge, and that is why the organic growth of the app is very important and the way we present the app right from the beginning is absolutely vital to us.

All the features are tailored to a particular market, because we feel that is the market that would love such a product - we come from that market, so that is how we see the app.  On another note, I think another major challenge for us is ourselves, we like to push as much as we can into the app. 

We have so many ideas for Capshot, Mikhail and I are constantly calling each other up and saying "let’s do this, let’s do that".  And we have to tell each other, “dude relax, we’ve got enough right now” - we don’t want to overwhelm our users.

MB: We have to find that balance between perfectionism and actually getting the product out in front of our people.

PP: It’s about putting out the right things at the right time.

MB: Like Pravan said, it’s about getting the right people on the app.  We need the kind of people who would in turn, attract other users to also come on the platform. 

And we need people to actually create the content, so not only get users on it but we also need to get base content on the platform so that new users will have a great existing foundation to riff off of.  And the challenge will be how to get these users to understand that we have now built something that they never knew they needed...

Pop on in next week to hear how the making of Capshot has changed these two legends.

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