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Bitch Please

Yao Ming – the man, the legend, the ’Bitch Please’ face. Basketball aficionados will recognise him from his seven-season long stint with the Houston Rockets. The Chinese-American NBA star went on to compete in the Olympics. Most importantly, of course, he went down in internet history as a meme legend.

Nothing’s sacred online, least of all light-hearted sporting events. The famous black and white contour drawing of Yao Ming surfaced after a good-natured NBA press conference in which a gleeful Yao was chuckling away with his teammate, Ron Artest, recounting a brawl. Little did Yao know that Reddit user ‘Downlow’ would come across the clip in 2010 and forever make his likeness synonymous with the expression, ‘Bitch Please’. As the cartoon meme began to spread, Yao Ming Face/Bitch Please became a typical reaction face used dismissively in online discussions, usually followed by a counter argument.

The ‘Bitch Please’ face has become the epitome of Internet memes, along the likes of Carlos Ramirez’ Trollface and Rageguy’s exasperated ‘FFFFUUUUUUU---' Four-tile style rage comics with the Yao Ming face typically begin with a particularly annoying (no food in the fridge) or terrifying scenario (gigantic spider) only to end with a, sometimes over-the-top, resolution with Yao saying ‘Bitch Please’ and ordering delivery (or burning the house down).

Yao Ming himself has been interviewed since the meme gained traction across online communities. Seemingly more bemused than anything, it’s clear that this meme is here to stay, with some diehard memesters even going so far as getting Yao Ming’s face tattooed on their body… Bitch Please! For the rest of us, the templates are ready and set to create our own Yao Ming Face meme remixes.

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